grass fed meat

Super Foods for Super Health and Vitality

Super Foods seem to be the big rage these days. It seems that many nutritionists and other natural health practitioners are talking about super foods. The issue I see is that all these super foods being promoted are vegan. Some vegan foods are super healthy, but from the research I have done, the best diet for most people includes animal proteins and animal fats. 

These vegan super foods are healthy, but one can not live on them and they are lacking or are deficient in several vitamins and minerals found only in animal foods such as Vitamin D, Vitamin A, Vitamin B-6, Vitamin B-12, Iron and Zinc. 

The vegan super foods most talked about are spirulina, chlorella, turmeric, raw cocoa, wheat grass, beets, lemons, apple cider vinegar, moringa leaf, matcha green tea and maca. As I stated above, these foods are wonderful and healthy, but for most of us, we need a mixture of super foods from plants and animals. 

Chlorella is a top notch super food. Follow this link to read a wonderful article about Chlorella, written by Kate Forsyth. Super Chlorella! 

Some of my favorite super foods that will give your body and mind the key nutrients to be full of energy and vitality include the following: grass fed red meat, pastured eggs, wild fish, oysters, raw honey, avocados, cod liver oil, fresh vegetable juice, raw butter, raw olive oil, bone broth, and berries. All these foods need to be organic, hormone free, GMO free and pastured raised to ensure that you are obtaining the best and most nutritious foods available. 

Start off with eating more pastured eggs and making fresh vegetable juice. Later, incorporate some wild fish and grass fed red meat. Eat one tablespoon of local raw honey every day. Make some bone broth and find a source of raw butter. Make my favorite power smoothie/pudding: one avocado, a cup of berries and 2-3 raw eggs, all blended together in a blender. This smoothie/pudding is a power house of nutrition!


Health Food Stores are not all that Healthy!

I shop at health food stores and I use to think everything in the health food stores was actually healthy. I had the wool pulled over my eyes. Fortunately, I removed the wool and I now know exactly how to shop at the health foods stores for truly healthy food, while avoiding all the unhealthy food. Most health food stores will not carry any products containing artificial sweeteners, colors or flavorings and products with hydrogenated oils. This is a good thing and for many folks, it’s a good starting point.

However, there is way more to health than just avoiding artificial foods and hydrogenated oils; and sadly, most folks do not realize this and they still struggle with their health while shopping at health food stores. Unfortunately, health food stores do not educate their customers enough and the health food stores continue to carry sugar laden drinks and grocery items that cause severe damage to the health of their customers.

I estimate that 65% of the food in health food stores are unhealthy and are directly contributing to the unhealthy epidemic that is plaguing our society. Most of the grocery items are simply too full of sugar and are highly processed. A few items that come to mind are: boxed cereal, potato chips, sugar sweetened sodas, canned soup, any flour that is not refrigerated and the majority of cookies, pretzels, sports drinks and nutrition bars. Start reading the label of these items and you’ll see the amount of carbohydrates, which is sugar to your body. The main reason people are ill is the over consumption of carbohydrates.

The other products that are truly unhealthy are the dairy products. Dairy is healthy when it is raw and that is a fact. Some states allow raw dairy in the grocery stores, but most do not. The simple fact is that pasteurized dairy, even if it is organic and grass fed, is not healthy and can cause a host of problems; plus, it’s a waste of money buying pasteurized dairy as most of the nutrition has been denatured due to the pasteurization.

Shop the perimeter of the health food stores and buy vegetables, fruits, eggs, grass fed or wild meats, bulk items such as nuts, seeds, beans and grains; but, do not eat too many beans and grains as these foods are full of starchy carbohydrates. In the interior of the store you will find a few items worthy of eating, such as olive oil, coconut oil, nut and seed butters and a few low sugar sweet treats and a few low sugar nutrition bars that are free of soy, refined sugar and dairy. In the cooler and freezer, you can find some healthy drinks like kombucha tea, my favorite being High Country Kombucha and some real low sugar drinks and healthy items like miso and sauerkraut.

Shopping a health food store takes some knowledge if you want to achieve awesome and amazing health. It can be done. Shopping for healthy items in a typical grocery store; well, that’s another story.

Perhaps in the future, enough people will eat really healthy and the unhealthy items in the heath food stores will no longer be bought; and thus, the health food stores will have a major upgrade and the name, “Health Food Store” will actually mean what it says.