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Once deemed healthy and then not, the egg is back, even with approval from modern medicine, not that modern medicine ever influences me when it comes to nutrition.

Fried in coconut oil, scrambled, sunny side up, over easy, hard boiled, soft boiled, poached, omelet style, with avocado, on your head (a great moisturizer and conditioner), raw in fresh squeezed orange juice, raw in a fruit smoothie, raw in raw milk, raw on top of a cooked bowl of rice, millet or quinoa, raw in a glass (a la Rocky style), on your skin for sun burn, bug bites and rashes, in a casserole, deviled, or even green eggs and ham, eggs are back and eggs are a wonderful and healthy food.

The biggest myth is the cholesterol contained in eggs. Yes, eggs contain cholesterol, but cholesterol from raw or properly cooked food does not raise cholesterol levels and it does not cause heart disease. Your liver produces cholesterol every day and cholesterol is needed for cellular health, especially cellular membrane function, hormone production, brain function, vitamin D conversion and a strong and effective immune system. Most of us need some cholesterol food, found in eggs and other animal products, to aid the liver in effectively doing its task; plus, the best sources of Vitamins A, D, K, and B12 and the minerals zinc and iron are found in eggs and other animal fats.

Eggs are best raw if you want every ounce of nutrition it offers, but anyway you want them, they are a healthy part of a good diet. Packed with 60% fat and 40% protein, lecithin, iron, calcium, sulfur, phosphorus, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, selenium, magnesium and many other nutrients; eggs are a powerhouse.

If eaten raw, eggs aid in cellular structure and permeability, hormone production and balance, toxin removal, energy production, increased immunity, increased brainpower and focus and increased libido. From my experience and observation, raw eggs are most effective in removing toxins from the body and improving brain function. The reason eggs are so powerful for brain health is choline, a key component of the neuro-transmitter acetylcholine that helps with memory and intuition. It also helps with skeletal muscle movements. The reason eggs are so effective in removing toxins is cholesterol, protein and sulfur. These three components are very important and needed by the liver to perform its detoxifying actions.

Of course, eggs that are from healthy farms that allow the chickens to have access to the great outdoors to eat grass and insects are far superior to the factory-farmed eggs. If you buy local eggs, take notice of how the yolk changes from a yellow color to an orange color as the summer approaches and the chickens can feast on grass and insects. Factory farm yolks are very pale yellow in comparison and do not change color as the chickens stay indoors year round and eat industrial chicken feed. Yay to the local egg and here in Denver we have lots of local farmers with healthy eggs from healthy chickens. Go local and support your local egg farmer at the various farmers markets and the many community-supported agriculture partnerships.


Bacteria Is The Staff Of Life And It Does Not Cause Disease

Bacteria and germs actually help our bodies to become stronger and healthier and they help to remove toxins from our bodies. I refer you to Aajonus Vonderplanitz, PHd in nutrition and the creator of the primal diet. He states the “janitor” role very clearly. In fact, Aajonus, states that bacteria, germs, viruses and even parasites aid our bodies in removing toxins. A quote from Dr. Henry Bieler sums it up: “DISEASE IS NOT CAUSED BY GERMS, BUT BY THE TOXIC ENVIRONMENT WE CREATE WITHIN OUR BODIES FROM TODAY’S COUNTERFEIT FOODS!”
I also refer you to “probiotics”, the friendly bacteria. Countless books have stated how friendly bacteria play a role in building our immune systems and removing toxins, etc. from our bodies.

Should We Worry About Bacteria?

Bacterial concern is a phobia that has swept the civilized
world. Our natural food-supply is being annihilated because of it.
We must look rationally at the bacterial issue. Consider the fact
that many tribes ate primarily unsalted raw meat, unsalted raw
fats and/or unsalted raw dairy products from the beginning. They
did not wash their hands or sterilize their food before eating.
Every form of natural bacteria, including salmonella, E. coli and
campylobacteria were eaten with their food, abundantly and
constantly. Why were they vibrant, healthy and disease-free if
microbes are the culprits?

From the time babies are born, they put everything in their
mouths, including dirt and microbes. It is believed that babies build
immunity through small benign doses of bacteria, allergens, and
pathogens. I believe that for millions of years animals, including humans, formed working
relationships with bacteria, germs, viruses and parasites.  Those
microbes have a janitorial role in nature and we benefit from
them. When parents stop babies from putting stuff in their
mouths, they hinder the relationship with microbes and the
environment, unless of course the objects are poisonous, such as
man-made chemicals and most toys that are made from plastic.

I am not saying to never wash your hands or take a shower, but do not use anti-bacterial soap and products that are filled with man-made chemicals and do not overly use soap and wash your hair everyday. Begin to have a good relationship with nature and with bacteria. Play in the dirt, plant a garden, walk barefoot, eat lots of raw foods, including fermented foods and become one with the beauty of Mother Nature. As you embrace the role of bacteria, you will become healthier with a stronger immune system, a stronger digestive system and a stronger neurological system. Yes, your brain will function better and your mental state will improve.


The Healing Properties of Fat, Especially Raw Fat. Fat will not make you fat!


There are many studies and controversies over fat. How much do we need? What are the best sources? Is saturated fat healthy? What about animal fats?

My intention is to shed some light in the fat direction based on my research from various studies and other practitioners and based on working with myself and with clients.

You will not get fat from eating the right types of fat! I say this because so many people still believe that fat makes them fat. Many people think that all fat is bad and others think only saturated fat is bad. Many practitioners and dieticians still call saturated fat, the bad fat. This is simply not true.

Granted, there are bad fats, including some saturated fats, such as: hydrogenated oils, pasteurized and homogenized dairy products, fried foods, refined vegetable oils and good oils heated too high.

Before I expound on the good fats, do you truly know what good fat does for our bodies? It is truly amazing. Some, but not all, of the benefits that fats provide include: provides warmth, enhances circulation, strengthens and nourishes all the glands and organs, aids in the digestion of proteins and carbohydrates, used in the production of many hormones, including the sex hormones, cell membranes, and tissue production. Fat is a great source of energy and athletes that switch to a higher fat diet see the results with better energy levels. Fat also enhances fluid metabolism and it regulates the passage of nutrients in and out of cells and it helps to regulate the proper weight for your body type.

What about saturated fat? The good saturated fats strengthen our immune system, aid in the proper functioning of the heart, lungs and brain, and boost metabolism.

A few other benefits that fats provide are their ability to lubricate the body, muscles, tendons, ligaments, organs and skin, decrease dryness in the body and increase moisture, decrease feelings of tiredness and sluggishness and increase feelings of vitality and energy, and finally, their ability to keep us hydrated. Once again, athletes that switch to a higher fat diet see the results with less injuries and better recovery times.

Most athletes know about the benefit of eating enough protein, but the fat has to be there along side the protein to get the most out of your training.

Picture you car engine as protein. What would happen to the engine if there were no oil, very little oil or low quality oil? The same applies to your body. Healthy protein equals new cells, new growth, rebuilding muscle, etc. And healthy fat, especially raw fat, equals lubrication, hydration, and cushioning for your muscles, joints, ligaments, etc.

Along with eating plenty of raw fats every day, with a little raw fruit and at times, some fresh vegetable juices, I drink very little water because I do not need it, nor do I crave it. Granted, fresh fruit and vegetable juices have a lot of water, but some days I consume neither, and I still drink very little water because of the raw fats I consume. When I say very little water, I mean 2-4 cups. Now, I am not advocating that anyone stop drinking water; but I am saying that if you start to eat more healthy raw fats, you will not need nor crave as much water and you will be healthier in the long term. Too much water, even filtered water, can make the circulation system sluggish, make your body too cold, and put a burden on the kidneys. The only way to appreciate this truth is to try it for your self.

What makes raw fat have the ability to hydrate the body so well? The amount of water liberated from the metabolism of fats, especially raw fats and including raw saturated fats, is greater than the amount of water liberated from the metabolism of proteins and carbohydrates. Research from biochemistry books state that 10 grams of protein releases 4 grams of water, 10 grams of carbohydrates releases 6 grams of water, and 10 grams of fat releases 10 grams of water. The reason I stress raw fats, as opposed to cooked fats, in regards to hydrating the body is based on the fact that sufficient oxygen is needed to liberate the water from the fat and raw fat is alive with sufficient oxygen rich bacteria, enzymes, vitamins and minerals. The best way to hydrate the body is with food. In addition to raw fats, raw vegetable juices, raw salads, and raw fruits hydrate the body the best, much better than water.

The following fat foods are what I deem to be of the utmost importance, starting with the least healing to the most healing.

1) Organic pressed oils (olive, sesame, flax, cod liver, coconut – buy the best         and try to find the ones that have not been heated over 110 degrees during the manufacturing)

2) Raw coconuts and coconut cream (make the cream with certain types of   juicers)

3) Raw avocados

4) Raw eggs

5) Raw unsalted butter

I recommend that all these fats be organic and the butter come from animals that are grass fed. You may be wondering why I left nuts and seeds off the list. Granted, raw nuts and seeds are healthy in small amounts, and even healthier if properly prepared by sprouting or soaking, but they do not have the cleansing, lubricating, healing, warming, protective, and detoxifying effects as the other mentioned raw fats. The fats that have the ability to decompose or “rot” have the best ability to nourish and hydrate the body. The more life energy there is in a raw fat, the quicker it will decompose or “rot”. Nuts and seeds will last for a very long time, and good oils will last for some time; but, raw coconuts, avocados, eggs and butter will decompose fairly quickly and thus, they carry a greater amount of live energy and good bacteria and enzymes to make digestion easy and to facilitate healing, hydration, and many other wonderful properties that are mentioned in this article.

Raw fat is the most valuable and utilized nutrient in our toxic modern world. Among its beneficial effects, raw fats have the awesome ability to aid in the production of white blood cells, relax and comfort the body, protect the organs, glands, and cells, provide the most efficient, strongest, and most powerful energy for the body. Ultimately, raw fats dissolve and remove all sorts of toxins and toxic substances from the body; and we all have plenty of toxins from living in this world.

The healthy oils will help cleanse the blood, soften and dissolve scar tissue, heal nerve tissue, soften and strengthen the kidneys and liver, strengthen the heart, and dissolve internal scars and dead cells. Olive and coconut oil are also very healing used directly on the skin.

Raw avocados, raw coconut cream, and raw eggs are helpful in binding with toxins and carrying the toxins to the bowel system and out of the body. If you are taking herbs and supplements to dislodge toxins without the raw fat to bind with the toxins and take them to the bowels, the toxins will most likely settle in another part of the body. Avocado is particular helpful in cleansing and strengthening the liver. Raw eggs are one of the best compact and nutritious foods available. They are a quick and athlete friendly fast food. Raw eggs will digest in 30 minutes and be ready to provide energy and lubrication during your training and recovery and rebuilding after your training. One of the best pre or post training drinks is the Orange Julius. (fresh squeezed oranges and 1-2 raw eggs) On the cellular level, raw eggs aid in regeneration and maintenance. In addition, they are a great source of protein and fat and healthy cholesterol. Raw cholesterol is totally different than cooked cholesterol and cholesterol plays a vital role in the immune system and in the patching up of any injuries to the body. Therefore, since athletes put a lot of strain and demands on their bodies, they need to consume healthy cholesterol rich foods. I have been consuming raw eggs for several years with nothing but great health results. Please refer to the Great Egg Panic by Emily Green, LA Times, January 4, 2000, to get a better understanding of the propaganda behind the salmonella-poisoning scare due to raw eggs.

Raw unsalted butter is an incredible raw fat. It is a top notch healing food for our modern times. It soothes and lubricates nerves, muscles, and mucous membranes, cleanses and strengthens all the organs and glands, heals intestinal lesions, dissolves hardened plaque from eating bad fats, binds with and helps remove toxins and waste products from the body, lubricates bones and joints, cleanses, fuels, lubricates, protects, and rejuvenates cells, and aids in new cellular growth.

Some of this material may be contrary to what you have been told and I can appreciate your thinking and skepticism. However, I have seen the benefits from these raw fats in my health and in that of my clients, as well as the results of other practitioners incorporating these raw fats in their treatment protocols.

I hope I got you thinking in a new light about raw fat and how important it is to consume in these modern times in which we live.

Amino Acids for Pain and Brain Enhancment


Emotional and physical pain is very prominent in our society and many folks have resorted to prescription painkillers, sugar and alcohol. Unfortunately, painkillers, sugar and alcohol are highly addictive and can cause major problems within the body. Most folks become addicted to these substances because of the endorphin high that they create, but at the expense of major side effects. Another reason is because most folks are lacking the correct nutritional nutrients that help the body heal and to naturally produce endorphins. Sugar, processed foods, alcohol, wheat and pasteurized dairy contribute to mood swings, unhealthy digestion, blood sugar imbalances and nutrient deficiencies throughout the body.

To correct these deficiencies and to break the addiction to painkillers, sugar, alcohol and processed food, a healthy eating plan, along with amino acid therapy, must be implemented. A good amount of healthy protein, healthy fat and vegetables need be consumed at each meal. Sugar, processed foods, alcohol, wheat and pasteurized dairy need to be reduced and eventually eliminated. This can be very hard to do with will power alone. Thus, amino acids can help to break the addiction to these foods and to the painkillers.

The most important amino acids to use are the following:

L-Glutamine: to break the addiction to sugar and the other addictive foods

L-Tyrosine: to increase physical and mental energy by increasing levels of dopamine/norepinephrine

GABA (gamma amino butyric acid): to reduce stress levels and bring about a more relaxed state of being. It can also be helpful in reducing withdrawal symptoms

L-Phenylalanine: to increase the body’s production of endorphins to help reduce pain

5HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan): to increase levels of serotonin, the body’s mood stabilizer. Proper levels of serotonin are needed to convert to melatonin, which promotes healthy sleep