Dangers of technology are everywhere

Dangers of Technology

Dangers of Technology

As a nutritionist in Denver, not only do I teach my clients about holistic nutriton, meditation, deep breathing, Earthing and circadian rhythm, but I also teach them about the dangers of technology when technology is used too often and at the wrong times. The dangers of technology apply to cell phones, computers, televisions and all other electromagnetic and wireless devices. One of the biggest dangers of technology is the electromagnetic frequency (EMFs) that is given off by these devices. These electromagnetic fields are affecting our immune systems, endocrine systems and even our cellular systems, especially the health of our mitochondria. 

Here are some tips to mitigate the EMF dangers of technology. EMF Warriors

  1. Get into the habit of waking up and getting morning sun. Nothing beats the full spectrum rays coming from the sun. Expose your face and whole body if you can for about 30 minutes a day. 
  2. If you can’t use a landline to make a call, use speaker mode on your smartphone holding the phone at least 30 cm away from your body. If you need privacy, purchase a pair of air tube headsets.
  3. Use ethernet cables instead of wi-fi  to connect all computers (includes baby monitors and tablets) to the internet, rather than a wireless router. 
  4. If you have to work with electronic devices at night, wear blue blocking glasses. The glasses help reduces the intensity of the blue light getting into your eyes, and reduce the degree to which melatonin is suppressed in your system. 
  5. Most of all, whenever you can, take a break and get out in nature.  Get some sun, get some surf, and put your bare feet on the ground, whether that’s on weekends, on holidays or before work.

The other dangers of technology involve isolation, bad posture and just too much time on the internet and not enough time with your fellow human beings. I feel that we are on the slippery slope to our society becoming less human and more machine like. Set boundaries for yourself and for your children, if you have children, in regards to internet, cell phone and television usage. 

Here is a video of mine about the dangers of technology in regards to our social environment and our connection with other people. As a nutritionist in Denver, my passion is helping you to achieve awesome health. 

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