Inner Growth

Work Related Stress is a Huge Health Issue

Work Related Stress Reduction Seminars

Work Related Stress Reduction Seminars

Work related stress is a big health issue affecting productivity, communication, morale, and the overall health of leadership and employees. Work related stress does not have to be this way. Work related stress can be reduced.

Char Miller with Char from HR and I are teaming together to offer Leadership Conferences & Seminars, Career Strategy Workshops, and Employee Lunch & Learns for businesses and organizations. Our venture is called VITA for VITALITY!

Executive Leadership and HR : Does your organization struggle with employee engagement, productivity, customer service, achievement of organizational goals, and attracting and retaining top talent? Does the phrase “not hitting target”, “no work-life balance”, and “lack of performance” come up in leadership meetings often? Is it difficult to create a culture of wellness where your talent staff and leadership teams can achieve success?

Do your staff and leaders feel or act Burned Out?

Talented Employees: Do you suffer from the white-knuckle syndrome? Do you dread going to your job? Have you lost your energy, excitement, and enthusiasm with your career? Do you feel tired hours before the end of your workday? Do you suffer with high stress and cortisol levels? Do you feel as if you are in a constant state of fear worrying you will not meet expectations?

Do you feel Burned Out?

If you answered yes to any of these leadership and career barriers, turn to Char from HR and Greg Gillette with Gillette Nutrition for help! We help talent achieve company mission, vision, and goals. We help talent find the power to live and grow in a dream career and live a healthy life-style to achieve success!


HR Leaders, Executives, CEOs:

To improve: Employee Wellness, Engagement, Productivity …Book a customized event for your teams! Rates as low as $260 an hour. Hourly rate depends on time needed to meet your organization’s wellness & talent needs. With a healthy work environment, attract and retain the best talent!

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As I reflect on the state of consciousness of this nation, I feel a possible monumental shift in awareness happening. I say possible because if this shift is to happen, you must be ready to take full responsibility for your actions and be completely honest with yourself and with your fellow human beings.

I must confess that I have not always been completely honest with myself and with others, nor did I really know what being responsible was all about.

My, how times have changed and I am forever grateful for my shift in consciousness. Every since I decided to take responsibility for my actions and to be honest, a couple of things have happened. I became more alive, an awakening to beauty and harmony. Though at times I felt fear, the truth has always set me free.

I discovered that I will always be on the journey of higher awareness and consciousness. Although at times, I wish I had not been lead to this new way of living, I simple cannot go back to my old ways. It’s impossible because once my spirit experienced truth, responsibility, and awareness; my spirit would not let me shrink back to the unconscious way of living without knowing.

The last discover I made was that I still feel pain and sadness for all the dishonesty and irresponsibility that occurs every day. It will be awhile before I lose my pain and sadness, awhile before everyone truly awakens to the truth, awhile before a new conscious revolution happens, but I patiently wait with you and all those who feel like I do, walk as I do, and everyday, finds that spark of hope, love, laughter, and gratitude that keeps us living with responsibility and honesty.

Primal Radiance

Primal Radiance is about getting back to the way we were born to live, with amazing health, energy and vitality. In order to live with awesome health, we have to re-learn how to live in harmony with ourselves and with Mother Nature. As a whole, we have lost our way and we are greatly suffering with an overall unhealthy society. The rate of illness and disease is staggering, but it does not have to be this way. 

Primal Radiance is a revolution to bring health and healing to the world, through healthy food, seasonal eating, circadian rhythm, primal movement and exercise, barefoot walking known as Earthing, deep conversations, deep connections with others, meditation, deep breathing, more play, less stress, more energy, less material goods, more soulful and spiritual experiences, more emotional living and expression, more laughter and an overall shift in thinking and living to make the Earth and ourselves to become more joyful and healthy. 

Primal Radiance inspires and motivates people from all walks of life to live with awesome and amazing health, well into their golden years. Primal Nutrition and living with Primal Radiance is the best prevention and cure for illness and disease. 

Take small steps on a daily basis on your journey to living with amazing health: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 



Does meditation leave you with a perplexed feeling? What comes to your mind when you think of meditation?
Speaking from experience, meditation is definitely another health aspect to incorporate into your life. It brings a bigger sense of meaning to your life and to the health of your body and mind; and soul and spirit if you believe in a spiritual world.
The biggest health improvements I have experienced are the lowering of stress levels, the improvement of mental clarity and focus and an overall increase in positivity and intuition. On a physical and emotional level, your hormones and neurotransmitters become balanced and alive!
Meditation is worth the effort, but it’s a challenge, one of the biggest challenges you may encounter. Why is this so?
It is so because meditation involves going within, facing your thoughts, the light and dark and the ups and downs of your life. With our over stimulating and busy society, most folks are unwilling or it never crosses their mind to sit still and observe their life, without judgement. That is the key. Meditation, to be effective, has to be done with non-judgment towards yourself. Most of us are our own worse enemy. With your journey with meditation, your judgment of yourself and of others, slowly recedes and a new sense of clarity, love, inspiration, gratitude and intuition slowly unfold.
Meditation, like eating healthy and exercise, is a journey, not a destination. With our busy lives, start with meditating each day for just 5-10 minutes. As a beginner, your mind will be all over the place, so it’s best to focus on your breath or a mantra. If doing a mantra, ask yourself what you need in your life, right now. Stick with higher feelings or aspects of life for your mantra, such as love, gratitude, joy, guidance, passion, abundance, etc. For example: If you need more joy in your life, then focus on joy during your meditation. Your mantra could be: “I am feeling and experiencing more joy in my life” or “Joy is radiating through my body and mind.”
Look to meditation like food for your soul or higher self. Feed your soul with good thoughts and feelings and by asking for help and guidance for your life. Here is a link to some wonderful, simple, and powerful meditative exercises. Go Within!
May peace, joy, love, gratitude and passion be with you!

Inner Growth

Can you face the consequences of continued growth?

I friend of mine sent this quote to me the other day. At first I thought the quote to mean the continued economic growth and suburban sprawl that this country is famous for. NO, I screamed inside my head as this type of continued growth has got to stop. I cannot face the consequences of more pollution, more war and more corporate greed.

It then dawned on me, that the quote meant the consequences of MY inner growth and outer growth: my emotional growth, my spiritual growth, my inner and outer growth of what it means to be living in love, truth, and awareness. Can I face the consequences of my inner growth?

As I have grown over the years, my circle of friends and my ability to connect with people has gotten smaller. At times, I feel out of place with the regular American who blindly follows the other Americans in search of happiness through more material goods and who blindly supports the government, the media and the other out dated institutions in this country.

At times, I ponder if my life would be better if I had not changed and I was a typical American, just living and not questioning anything and enjoying all the things that the typical American enjoys: television, bars, shopping, pro sports, Hollywood movies, automobiles, lawn mowers, carpet, fast food, etc.

Of course, I only ponder because my blood runs so deep in becoming a better and more conscious person every day that I would die if I had to go back to where I came from. I gladly face and embrace the consequences of my inner growth; every day, every hour, every second of my life!

I will continue to live with the consequences of being different and crazy to most Americans, for this is who I am and I know that other Americans are feeling the same way I did many years ago and they, too, will find the courage to face the consequence of their new inner growth and their continued growth into the future.