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Holistic Nutrition in Denver

Holistic Nutrition

Holistic Nutrition

If you have reached your limits in searching for the answers from modern medicine, change your focus on holistic nutrition. Nutrition is a part of everyone’s daily life. Everyone has to eat, but most people are not eating healthy and a lot of the food consumed in our society is not real food, but food like substances. I coined that term last year. (FLS)

Holistic nutriton is nutrition that is based on real food that can heal the body and mind. The universe created all the real food that we need to be healthy. Unfortunately, most of the food in the grocery stores and in the restaurants is not healthy and this unhealthy food is the main contributing factor in the alarming rate of illness and disease around the world. 

Holistic nutrition is also about using natural nutritional supplements and herbs when needed and using laboratory testing when needed. Laboratory testing is a wonderful tool to show what is going on in various systems of the body. Holistic nutriton is a way of life and it looks at the underlying issue of health challenges, illness and disease. Sadly, the majority of the time, modern medicine takes a superficial look at the symptoms and not at the underlying issue. It’s wonderful to alleviate troublesome symptoms, but no real healing will take place until the underlying causes are addressed.  The majority of people who are suffering from ill health are not getting the answers from modern medicine and they are not getting any healthier. 

Hopefully, these people will start to question modern medicine and a light bulb will turn on and they will see the ray of hope and healing through holistic nutrition.

Primal Radiance is all about holistic nutriton and a holistic way of living.  Contact Primal Radiance to get on the path to amazing health.

Nutritionist in Denver

Being a nutritionist in Denver is exciting and fun as I help one person at a time to achieve awesome and amazing health! My confidence and the results with my clients allows me to state that I am one of the best, if not, the best nutritionist in Denver. My passion is on fire when it comes to spreading the truth about healthy food and how nutrition is the best prevention and cure for illness and disease.

Being a nutritionist in Denver, I know that people are busy, perhaps too busy, and they are stressed; and they want to enjoy life, with a full social calendar and outdoor activities such as hiking, biking and snowboarding; and they want to stay healthy; and this is where I stand out! I have done the research and I know that being healthy is more than just good nutrition. Nutrition is the foundation of a healthy body and mind, but there are other aspects of life that are very important and I know some of these key aspects.

The most important aspects, other than nutrition, are the following: emotional health and expression, stress reduction, exercise and the two missing links called circadian rhythm and earthing. These two missing links are so important to living an energized and vibrant life. Circadian rhythm is about doing your best to be awake and asleep with the rising and setting of the sun, eating foods that are in season and minimizing being on the computer and cell phone after the sun sets. Earthing is about placing your bare-feet on the the Earth: grass, sand, dirt, etc. With Earthing, you will receive negative electrons from the Earth and these negative electrons will decrease inflammation and increase your energy and overall health.

I enjoy being a nutritionist in Denver as I teach my clients more than just nutrition. I teach them life skills that help them live long and vibrant lives without succumbing to a chronic illness or disease.

Here is some awesome information on Earthing.

Check out some of my previous blogs on Circadian Rhythm and Earthing. If you want to talk with an amazing nutritionist in Denver, please call me. I offer a short evaluation for free.


Nutritionist and Health Coach in Denver, Colorado

If you’re seeking an awesome nutritionist and health coach in Denver or anywhere in the world, you’ve discovered the best. I have helped many clients to achieve awesome and amazing health. Being a nutritionist, I look at many factors and I recommend the best healing foods and supplements for you. Being a health coach, I inspire, motivate and guide you to make the healthy food choices and the healthy and necessary lifestyle changes needed to heal your body and mind.

I have clients in many states around the country and they enjoy the fact that I can help and guide them to fantastic health over the phone or Skype.

Healthy food truly is the best medicine and the best medicine is healthy food. Nutrition is the foundation upon which all else is built. Nutrition is like the foundation of a house. If the foundation is weak, it does not matter how much money you spend on the interior with furniture, art, rugs, appliances, etc., because the interior will be damaged when the foundation crumbles.

Are you ready to embrace the transformation and rejuvenation that will happen if you decided to work with me as your online nutritionist and health coach? If you live in the Denver area you can work with me as your in person nutritionist and health coach or as your online nutritionist and health coach.

Nutrition is the best prevention and cure for illness and disease. I welcome you to begin your journey to awesome and amazing health.