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Contact me to schedule a free health evaluation. This introductory phone call will allow you to share your health goals and health issues with me, and it will allow me to share how I work with my clients in regards to nutrition consultations, healthy lifestyle changes and overall support. It’s time to start your health journey with Primal Radiance.

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Primal Radiance Mission Statement

Teaching clients and other folks the nutrition and lifestyle skills and knowledge to live healthy, energized and vibrant lives while preventing or reversing chronic illness and disease through nutrition,       NutriSail supplements, lifestyle changes, wellness presentations, and through my weekly Primal Radiance Radio Show. 

Primal Radiance Vision Statement

To be the best and most well known health coach and nutritionist in Denver, CO and the metro area.


Are you ready to eat your way out of the grips of poor health, disease and illness into the Vistas of Amazing Health, Vitality and Rejuvenation?

Primal Radiance, with Greg Gillette, is about getting back to the way we were born to live, with amazing health, energy and vitality. In order to live with awesome health, we have to re-learn how to live in harmony with ourselves and with Mother Nature. As a whole, we have lost our way and we are greatly suffering with an overall unhealthy society. The rate of illness and disease is staggering, but it does not have to be this way.

Primal Radiance is a revolution to bring health and healing to the world, through healthy food, seasonal eating, circadian rhythm, primal movement and exercise, barefoot walking known as Earthing, deep conversations, deep connections with others, meditation, deep breathing, more play, less stress, more energy, less material goods, more soulful and spiritual experiences, more emotional living and expression, more laughter and an overall shift in thinking and living to make the Earth and ourselves more joyful and healthy.




Why do so many people have chronic illness and disease. The answer is a total holistic lifestyle change, not modern medicine.  For more blog entries, clink the Blog link above.

As a nutritionist based in Denver, Colorado, my passion is guiding my clients to the healing powers of healthy eating. My clients come from all over the world as I offer nutrition consultations via Skype, over the phone or in person, if you live in the Denver, CO area. Eating healthy or as I call it, optimum nutrition, is the best prevention and cure for illness and disease. Modern medicine is great for acute health issues, but it’s not working for chronic health issues, illness and disease such as cancer, diabetes, arthritis, Crohn’s disease, colitis, multiple sclerosis, alzheimer’s disease, etc. In fact, modern medicine’s approach to chronic illness and disease is a failure.
The biggest reason people are ill is the fact that their digestive system is impaired from eating processed foods, artificial sweeteners, hydrogenated oils, fried foods, pasteurized dairy, etc., and from taking too many antibiotics and other pharmaceutical drugs. Millions of people suffer from constipation, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and a host of other digestive disorders. As goes the health of your gut, goes the health of your body and mind.
The top health protocols to achieve awesome health are: Healthy eating as in eating what we are suppose to eat (Primal Diet and organic), spending time outside and engaging in some Earthing, striving to live by the circadian rhythm of the sun, moving your body by finding something you enjoy, breathing deeply, following a meditation practice, using organic and natural body care products and home cleaning products and engaging in emotional expression and healing.